Northwest SEED

Founded in 2001, Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Northwest SEED) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to establish a clean, diverse, and affordable Northwest energy system based on the efficient use of renewable resources, with maximum local control and community ownership of energy assets.

Northwest SEED empowers community scale clean energy through expert guidance that combines technical support, community education and practical implementation to help communities achieve their sustainability and economic development goals.

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1402 3rd Ave, Suite 901
Seattle, WA 98101

From research and evaluation to final implementation, Northwest SEED is expertly equipped to help communities find the clean energy solutions that best suit their needs. Our services include:

Project Development and Technical Assistance: We help communities move their energy efficiency and renewable energy projects forward, whether they are at the initial stages of concept development, or have accomplished early phases and now need assistance in securing financing or project implementation. 

Research and Advocacy: We draw on our project experience to identify areas that require further research, policy reform and new models to address the barriers to the widespread deployment of community based clean energy.

Outreach and Education: We educate communities on energy efficiency and renewable energy through our projects, materials and workshops. We have effectively developed training curricula and materials for workshop series, seminars and small group trainings. We also conduct project specific and general outreach at community events and meetings to garner support for community clean energy projects.