Take Action: Fundraising

About CPN's Fundraising Tool

CPN has a set of tools and resources available for CPN members that are designed to help our members grow and build power.  

One of these tools includes the ability to create an online fundraiser for your campaign or project. Use this tool to help fundraise for a renewable energy demonstration project, advocacy campaign, or other initiative. We set up the online infrastructure for you to fundraise and you do the outreach. 

At the end of the campaign we also make sure you have a complete list of all of the people who took action (unlike many other sites).  

Want to set up a fundraiser? Email Emily@communitypowernetwork.com to get started.

Take Action: Past Fundraising Campaigns

Help DC Nonprofits and Small Businesses Go Solar

In 2012, CPN member DC SUN organized a bulk purchase program for nonprofits and small businesses. The goal was to help these organizations take advantage of solar incentives and go solar as a way to reduce their electric bills. DC SUN worked with the organizations to help fundraise to prepay some of their Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), so the organizations could lock in low electricity prices over the course of the contracts.


Help communities reap the benefits of going solar: Support community solar for all income levels!

In 2013, CPN member The Solar Gardens Institute launched a fundraising campaign for The Equable Community Solar Fund, which supports community solar projects everywhere, beginning in Colorado and Washington State. The Fund's goal is to help lower the upfront cost of subscribing to a solar garden for low- and middle-income customers.