What should I post on the listserve?

What to post on the listserve?

The goal of these networks is to provide a space for average citizens to learn about solar. We also want to create a space that allows citizens to focus on creating real, tangible improvements to their state’s solar policies.

We’ve found that the most successful listserve conversations tend to focus on a couple of key topics, listed below. The listserves are less successful and more polarizing when they get into larger philosophical discussions or conversations about climate change, global warming, other energy sources or other “environmental issues.”

It is also important that conversations are positive, practical and respectful and non-partisan. Getting into arguments on the listserve isn’t helpful or productive. 

Good listserve conversations

The following are great examples of questions or conversations that make for good listserve discussions:

  • Questions about how to go solar
    • I just got a bid for a project. Is this a good price?
    • Does anyone have an installer they’d recommend?
    • Can you help me review the bids I’ve received?
    • Have you already gone solar? Do you have any advice for people starting out?
    • Other questions about the logistics of going solar
    • I am interested in batteries for my system. How do they work?
    • I’ve heard about this new technology (solar panel, inverter, etc). Does it sound like a good idea?
  • Problems you’re having with your solar system or the installation process
    • My meter doesn’t seem to be working or my electric bill has gone up since I’ve installed solar. What should I do?
    • My utility is making it difficult for me to interconnect my system to the grid. What should I do?
    • I’m having trouble with an installer or an installation.
    • My solar system isn’t working. What do you think the problem is?
    • Who do you recommend I contact about making repairs to my system?
  • Information or updates about solar in the community
    • News announcements about projects in the area
    • Press releases from organizations that have developed projects
    • Events related to solar
    • Examples of projects in the community that you may run across
    • Examples or links to groups working on solar issues in the state
  • Resources and tools
    • Guides, reports, resources, or documents about solar that are specific to the state or else very good, new, or especially helpful.
    • Information on how to go solar, how to select an installer, how to decide on a system, or info on understand financing.
    • Resource on the number of area installs, or data about the amount of solar in the state
  • Policy info
    • Information about solar-specific policies in the state
    • Descriptions or discussions about existing policies and how they do or do not support solar
    • Information about ongoing policy reform efforts and how people can get involved
    • Ideas for creating policy change and getting people involved
    • Strategies for changing solar policies and how they might be implemented in the state
  • Opportunities for involvement
    • Opportunities for people to take action on solar issues, like signing a petition, attending a lobby day, attending a hearing, planning a strategy, joining a protest/direct action, or contacting their legislators about a policy issue.
    • Events, activities, community meetings,  “Raisers”, lectures, or opportunities to learn more about solar