Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative

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1400 N. American St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Additional Information

Solar States has partnered with Philadelphia area schools to implement rooftop solar energy and lower their utility bills by 10% - 20% while going green and training students to become the green energy entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


  • Install 1.5 MW of solar capacity on the rooftops of Philadelphia area schools (about 5,000 solar panels).
  • Save schools money on their energy bills.
  • Maximize the educational openings each solar installation affords and create long-term learning opportunities for Philadelphia students.
  • Deploy $3.5M locally to create green jobs.

Cost to Schools

Schools will be able to go solar for zero out-of-pocket cost through a Solar States Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA model allows Solar States to finance, own, and operate the array while billing the school for the energy it uses at a low guaranteed rate for 15 - 25 years.