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The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is a grassroots, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization striving to make solar power accessible to people of all income levels.

Our mission is to make solar power accessible to people of all income levels. RREAL is dedicated to providing Solar Thermal to low-income families who cannot afford their heating bills.

When heating costs spike, low-income families have to devote a larger percentage of personal income to heat and power, rather than to the most important necessities like food and medicine. Federal Energy Assistance funds are available for these families, but the need far outweighs available resources. RREAL's Solar Assistance program provides a clean and renewable longterm solution to the problem of fuel poverty.

RREAL is also a solar design-build firm. We have been offering solar electric and solar thermal design-build services to the commercial and residential market since 2000. Staffed by a dedicated and talented team of engineers, installers, project managers and manufacturing experts, RREAL is committed to ensuring that solar energy is safely and effectively deployed for our region’s energy security and environmental stewardship.

We also operate as a solar thermal manufacturer and distributor. Having developed the patent pending solar powered furnace in 2006, RREAL has been distributing its solar space heating collectors and equipment across the nation through a community of solar installers and designers. The RREAL solar powered furnace is a powerful solar heating technology suitable for large scale commercial applications or residential installations.