University Park Community Solar LLC

Our goal is to generate clean renewable electricity within the community and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear generated power. We hope to create a community solar investment model for families of moderate means who would like to go solar but may not have good solar access at their home.

We will share our experience and knowledge with other community groups interested in becoming solar power generators.

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4313 Tuckerman St
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Additional Information

During its first year of operation the 22 kw system on the roof of the Church of the Brethren produced more electricity than was consumed by the church during that same time period.

The church is paying less for its electricity than it would pay its grid-connected utility.

The University Park (UP) Community Solar LLC is a limited liability company of Maryland residents that have just developed a solar power generation site in our community.

This centralized solar generation site is intended to produce sufficient kilowatt hours (kWh) to replace a significant amount of electricity otherwise purchased from the local  utility.  Clean solar electricity would substitute for fossil-generated  electricity and stabilize our electric rates.

Solar panels were installed on our host site, University Park Church of the Brethren , by an outside expert, Standard Solar, Inc. They also maintain the panels.  With the proceeds from purchases of membership interests, the LLC bought the panels and paid for the installation.  The Church has begun to purchase the power produced by the solar panels from the LLC.  The LLC also sells its solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) earned from generating  renewable energy.  

University Park Solar LLC
Angel's view from 600 feet
Church of the Brethren solar project