DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN)

DC Solar United Neighborhoods is a coalition that is leading the charge to make Washington DC a solar city.  Solar cooperatives help neighbors, businesses, and non-profits understand the steps needed to harness the power of the sun to produce electricity and lower our reliance on more environmentally-harmful forms of electricity.  Neighbors in the Mt. Pleasant community founded the first DC solar coop in 2008 - energizing more than 50 neighbors to take the leap to solar energy.  The Capitol Hill Energy Coop followed this model and completed more than 40 installations in 2010.  Now, more than 10 other coops have sprouted up in all wards within DC.  DC SUN brings these cooperatives together under one umbrella to advocate for better solar incentives, improved customer service from Pepco, create jobs in DC, and spread the word about the benefits of going solar. 

Contact DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN)
1826 Lamont St NW
Washington, DC 20010
202 256-4327
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