ZooShare Biogas Co-operative

To be a catalyst, through education and investment, for the growth of community-owned biogas

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361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto, M1B 5K7
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ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc. is a non-profit renewable energy co-operativewhose mission, through education and investment, is to be a catalyst for the growth of community-owned biogas plants. Our first project, located at and in partnership with the Toronto Zoo, is a 500 kW biogas plant that will turn the Zoo’s manure output and food waste from local grocery stores into electricity, heat, and fertilizer. The revenue from these products will produce financial contributions for the Zoo and above average returns for our members and investors.

Community Bonds (paying 7% annual returns over 7 years) will be for sale only to members of the co-op; creating an opportunity for you, as a ZooShare member, to make money, improve the local environment, and support the Zoo.