Our Power

We stand together in creating an energy future that is:
• Affordable: everyone can afford to meet their needs for heat, electricity and transportation.
• Stable: we have reliable access to energy without blackouts or huge energy price shocks.
• Healthy: our energy supports the health and quality of life of our neighbors and others around the world.
• Job Creating: we invest the dollars we spend on heating, electricity, and transit in energy sources that create jobs in our community and build wealth in the local economy.
• Environmentally Sustainable: our energy choices sustain the environment that supports our community, all beings across the planet, and future generations.

By pooling our resources and taking leadership together, we can redirect some of this $63million back into our community to create jobs and local resilience. We can save at least 30% of our energy costs through simple behavioral changes and affordable, efficient technology. If we all invested that money, we would be able to create jobs to insulate at least 2,000 homes or to install solar panels on at least 1,000 buildings.

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Our Power is a community energy campaign for South Minneapolis which engages 
residents and businesses to make energy efficiency improvements and use our collective purchasing power to implement renewable energy projects.