The Atmosphere Conservancy

To achieve social equity, economic vitality, and community empowerment through the development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency education for nonprofit organizations.

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Every dollar we raise works three ways to alleviate these pressing problems:

1) Cutting Carbon Emissions
By focusing on the installation of renewable energy systems TAC prevents thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from being dumped into our atmosphere. 

2) Creating Jobs
TAC is putting people back to work with good-paying jobs, building a new Green Economy that contributes to the well-being of our communities.

3) Supporting our Communities
By installing proven non-polluting technologies like solar energy on affordable housing, we reduce utility bills for communities; by providing green power for schools, we free up resources for education while cutting carbon emissions; and by providing renewable energy to non-profit organizations, we reduce their utility bills and allow them to spend more of their limited funds on their missions.

The Atmosphere Conservancy aims to benefit the community economically, socially, and environmentally via the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at the community level. By providing funding and technical resources to affordable housing agencies, schools and non-profit organizations, TAC strengthens the interface between social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our projects deliver renewable energy systems to those entities where the benefits of freed-up resources can be felt in positive impacts across the community. Liberated from paying high utility bills to non-renewable energy suppliers, our clients are better able to focus their talents on mission-critical work to build healthy, sustainable communities.