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Our mission, to create a renewable energy future that empowers people and communities while protecting the environment -- is about much more than energy. It's about ushering in a new energy paradigm founded in the ideas and principles of Energy Democracy.

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We recently launched an Arizona local RE compaign and are currently working to build a coalition and develop aggregatated neighborhood solar projects, identify policy advocacy priorities with the City of Tucson and watchdog local renewable energy incentives currently under seige by the Arizona Corporation Commission (an elected utility regulator body). 

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The Renewable Communities Alliance was founded in 2009* by a small group of citizens concerned about the economic, social and environmental impacts of state and federal renewable energy policies on their communities in southern Colorado's San Luis Valley and the need for more equitable policies that gave people and communities the opportunity to participate in the state's "new energy economy". 

Below are some of SLVRCA's accomplishments over the course of last three years:


- Implemented regional local clean energy education and policy advocacy campaign,

- Built broad regional coalition of over 500 members and partner organizations,

- Convened regional solar energy symposia (2009-12)

- Educated local, state and federal agency managers and elected officials about the need for more democratic renewable energy policies,

- Watchdogged county and federal industrial solar and transmission line permitting processes,

- Advocated for local, clean energy policies (including PACE, Feed-in tariffs, Bernie Sanders national "million rooftops" campaign, etc.),

- Collaborated with clean energy groups around the state, nation and internationally,

- Participated in statewide renewable energy strategy meetings,

- Raise public and media awareness about the benefits of local clean energy policy through numerous media releases and publications,

- Developed a local clean energy/microgrid action plan for the San Luis Valley, CO

- Piloted community solar garden in Saguache County, CO (the project was not economically feasible, but a lot was learned!),

- Provided technical and policy support for regional community solar projects,

- Provided environmental compliance expertise and strategic support to grassroots groups around the state working to protect their communities from destructive energy development, including oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing. ("fracking").

In the fall of 2012, Founder Ceal Smith moved to Tucson to develop a local clean energy campaign in Arizona, under the administratively independent "Renewable Communities Alliance" (RCA).

* As the San Luis Valley Renewable Communities Alliance (SLVRCA).