Ward 8 Renewable Energy Co-Op

Ward 8 Renewable Energy Co-Op (Ward 8 REC) empowers communities to gain understanding of, and equity in renewable energy and. A charter member of DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN), Ward 8 REC helps increase residential and commercial access to renewables in Ward 8 communities through awareness, fundraising, and leveraging group discounts on energy and renewable technologies for our members. We also serve as a conduit to the community for current energy, efficiency, and weatherization news and opportunities.   


Contact Ward 8 Renewable Energy Co-Op
1322 U St. SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 709-9189
Additional Information

The Ward 8 Renewable Energy Co-Op promotes the development and use of Renewable Energy in Ward 8.

Our many south facing exposures present excellent opportunities for realizing energy savings through installing solar panels on our roofs.

We can all purchase clean, renewable wind energy through exercising our "Energy Choice."  

Our members view Weatherization, Energy Efficiency, Saving Water, Recycling, Food Gardening, and Renewable Energy Production as cornerstones for sustainable living. 

Ward 8 REC is a community organization which is currently working to become a program of a local non-profit so we can benefit from 501 c3 status. We are comprised of a small but passionate group of community members, and we are currently organizing a membership drive for Fall-Winter 2011. We are working with DC SUN to propose Community Solar legislation which will lead to into wider opportunities for our non-homeowner residents to get into solar.