New Mapping Tool Showcases Clean Energy Policies and Projects

Midwest Energy News – September 16, 2016

by Frank Jossi

A new state “community power” mapping tool released this month gives policymakers and activists a national scorecard on state and local clean energy initiatives.

Could A 40-Year-Old Law Let More Customers “Exit” the Grid?

As state regulators restricted the ability of home and business owners in Nevada to receive sufficient compensation for solar on their rooftops, some large companies started looking towards other options.

In Santa Fe, Momentum Builds for Locals to Take Charge of Electricity System – Episode 39 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

A widening chasm between what customers want and what Santa Fe’s electric utility delivers is bolstering a campaign to rejigger power production and distribution, possibly putting the city itself in charge.

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of September 6, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

Florida voters pass a property tax exemption for renewable energy, Minnesota churches are installing solar in record numbers, and new research proves that the Eastern U.S. can handle more renewable energy than previously thought.

Featured Stories:

A new logo, and a definition of Energy Democracy by John Farrell, CleanTechnica

Calling all architects! Help us recover from “Pointy Roof Disease”

Ok, this post is from the perspective of a rooftop solar energy advocate, but hopefully it will spark some serious discussion and eventually design changes!

Distributed Generation Under Fire (Q2 2016)

States nationwide continued to adjust their solar generation policies in ways that curtail the benefits of distributed generation in the second quarter of this year, a trend that softened slightly after a harsh start to 2016.

Introducing the Community Power Map

placeholderWhere are communities taking charge of their energy future? Which states give communities the most power?

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of August 22, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

A study released last week rules that it is cheaper to retrain coal workers to install solar arrays, Arizona adopts a new method for crediting rooftop solar, and Xcel Energy in Colorado (due to a settlement with solar advocates) is eschewing solar grid-use fees.

Changing the Language of Renewable Energy, the Electric Monopoly’s Newest Ploy

What happens when utility companies lose ground as their customers cut consumption and seek innovative technologies like rooftop solar? New business ventures to capture customer interest? Other new technologies?

Should Energy Storage Share the Tax Credits for Renewable Energy?

In May of 2016, the U.S. Representative from Silicon Valley, Mike Honda (D), introduced the Energy Storage for Grid Resilience and Modernization Act (H.R. 5350). In short, this bill extends the current 30% Renewable Energy Tax Credit (which was just extended last year) to energy storage technologies, not just the wind, solar, and geothermal power plants that feed electricity into the grid.