Watch: Beyond Sharing Webinar Recording

placeholderOn May 11th, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance hosted a webinar titled “Beyond Sharing.” The webinar was led by John Farrell, the Director of ILSR’s Energy Democracy initiative.

Why Going Local Makes Sense for the Clean Energy Transition

This is a response to a Forbes commentary published last week, by Steve Cicala

The Many Categories of Net Metering (Infographic)

placeholderNet metering is a common rule for the electricity system in nearly every state, allowing folks who generate their own electricity to get a fair credit on their bill for what they generate.

Distributed Generation (Still) Under Fire

placeholderWe’ve been keeping a running tally of where distributed generation has come under attack, usually from incumbent utility companies, and displayed it in map format every few months.

Not Just Illegal, Targeting Solar Facilities With Fees is Poor Policy

Should utilities be able to add special fees on customers that have solar or small wind installations?

Not only is it against Minnesota state law, but in our recent comments to the state’s Public Utilities Commission, we explain how one-off fees on customers using distributed generation to cut their energy consumption violates the spirit of good utility rate design, and inhibits development of a more efficient electricity system.

Video: John Farrell Keynote Presentation – Salt Spring Community Energy Conference

placeholderILSR’s John Farrell was the keynote speaker for the Salt Spring Community Energy Group’s 2016 Conference in British Columbia, Canada on Saturday, April 23rd. Following the keynote presentation there were over a dozen different workshops on new energy methods and technologies that can be implemented by homeowners and businesses.

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of May 9, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

Arizona’s new dueling ballots initiatives are scrapped (for now).

Yet more arguments for cities to lead the way on energy transformation.

Massachusetts raises it’s net metering cap.

Featured Stories:

Rooftop solar cease-fire takes ballot measures off table for now by Ryan Randazzo and Mary Jo Pitzi, AZ Central

A New Logo, and a Definition of Energy Democracy

You may have missed our small change, but after rolling out our program logo back in December 2014, we decided to make a small revision in our name and program description, from “democratic energy” to “energy democracy.”


Primarily, this is due to the understandable but mistaken notion that democratic energy had any relationship to the Democratic Party (it doesn’t), but also the growing movement around the term energy democracy.


Community-Owned Renewable Energy Podcasts, Rebroadcasted

placeholderIn conjunction with our recently released report: Beyond Sharing – How Communities Can Take Ownership of Renewable Power, we are re-releasing a number of podcasts which feature renewable energy projects with innovative community-owned energy structures.