WV Near Bottom on Efficiency/Renewables Ranking

The Energy Foundation has just released its annual report ranking states and metropolitan areas on their performance and policies concerning energy efficiency and renewable power.  Guess where WV ranks in both areas?  48th in policy and 49th in performance.  Other states, like California, Colorado and Illinois are rapidly expanding their capacity and programs.  Investment and patent registration is growing right along with this commitment.  Contrast th

California’s Reserve Fund Won’t Lift the FHFA Boot From PACE’s Neck

Earlier this year, the state of California announced a $10 million loan-loss reserve to solve the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s severe restrictions on using property-tax based financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy on residential property.

Is Solar Ownership Poised for a Comeback?

placeholderWith “no money down” and “zero maintenance” to attract homeowners, solar leasing has become the overwhelming favorite for residential solar installations. And with the complexity of tax incentives, rebates, and financing, it’s hard to find fault with homeowners that choose this low-effort option.

Sen. Chafin Demagogues AEP Rate Increase

The Williamson Daily News reports that Sen. Truman Chafin from Mingo County wants the WV PSC to reject AEP’s new 17% base rate increase.  Mr. Chafin is trying to present himself as the champion of the little guy by complaining about the high salaries paid to AEP executives.

Rebuilding the US Electric Distribution System

As I have often noted on The Power Line, it is the US electric distribution system that needs the most work, not bulk transmission.  The emerging electrical technology needs new distribution technologies, before we look at restructuring and rebuilding bulk transmission lines.  Unfortunately, most federal and state regulators and politicians have been captured by the dying centralized electricity holding companies.

Celebrate Independence with 3 Steps Toward Energy Self-Reliance

Being from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, I’m often asked, “You want everyone off-grid and independent with their own solar array and a battery, right?”

In a word, no.

AEP Files for 17% Rate Increase for Its WV Companies, Residential Customers Hit with a 23.2% Rise

Yesterday, Ohio-based holding company AEP filed for a 17% base rate increase at the WV PSC for its APCo and Wheeling Power subsidiaries.  Here is the initial document that the company filed.  The additional testimony with the details was not available yesterday, but about 20% of the increase will come from cost recovery from the new right of way maintenance program required by the PSC last year.

Another State Rebuilding Its Electricity System the Right Way

Massachusetts has now joined New York in developing a comprehensive plan to rebuild its electrical system and its economy.  Here’s the story.

The state is “remaking the electric grid as it might have been designed by Steve Jobs:  elegant, customer-friendly, and with functionality that was previously unimaginable,” said Paul Gromer, CEO of Peregrine Energy Group and former Massachusetts state energy commissioner.

Federal 7th Circuit Rejects FERC/PJM Non-Reform of Transmission Cost Allocation

Federal court cases drag on forever.  Remember the 7th Circuit Appeals Court decision in 2009 throwing out PJM’s FERC-approved recovery of costs from all PJM rate payers for transmission lines that benefit only eastern PJM customers?  In that decision, the 7th Circuit remanded the case to FERC, ordering FERC and PJM to fix their cost recovery scheme so that only people who benefit from transmission lines like PATH would pay for them.