Burlington Goes 100% Renewable, WV Cities Held Hostage to Ohio Power Companies

All across the US, city-owned electric companies are moving rapidly to use as much renewable power as they can.  The New York Times posted an article today about Burlington, VT becoming 100% renewable.

Minnesota Nuclear Plant Cost Overruns Show Shortcomings of Large Scale Power Generation

With the rich history of cost overruns in the nuclear industry, Xcel Energy and Minnesota regulators probably shouldn’t have been surprised when the retrofit cost to the Monticello nuclear power plant ballooned to more than twice the original estimate late last year. Regulators are asking tough questions about whether the cost overruns are the responsibility of poor management.

Scott Sklar on “Free Rider” Propaganda

Scott Sklar is one of the most expert of US experts on decentralized power.  Here is a very informative article he posted recently on Renewable Energy World.  Mr. Sklar takes apart power company claims that by using modern decentralized power technologies, small scale electricity producers are getting a free ride from consumers stuck in the clutches of obsolete generation and distribution.

Or, as he puts it:

Ultimate Solar Calculator “App” Helps You Choose: To Own or Lease?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the comeback of solar ownership relative to leasing, as the cost of rooftop solar PV continues to fall and new financing options make ownership easier than ever.

Is owning a solar panel right for you? Find out now!

The calculator below lets you compare (leasing) apples to (ownership) apples, and the chart below the calculator shows the value of your solar investment over 15, 25, and 30 years.

Vermont Seizing the Lead in Microgrid Development

Vermont is doing it.

Green Mountain Power Corp. and NRG Energy Inc. on Sept. 2 rolled out a series of utility programs and infrastructure projects in Vermont that the companies described as the foundations for a modernized electric grid.

Brattle Group Says Stagnant Demand Is Here to Stay

The Brattle Group is an industry consulting firm that knows what it is talking about, most of the time.  Here is a link to a presentation by a Brattle Group engineer, Ahmad Faruqui, at a June 2014 electric industry conference.

Charleston’s Yeager Airport Looking at Going Solar

Here’s the story.

Yeager Airport officials will explore a solar panel project that could make the airport the first in the nation to run entirely on electricity it generates from solar panels.

The project stems from Yeager’s sustainability efforts trying to lower the airport’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

“It’s an exciting project,” airport director Rick Atkinson said.

The Power of Local Renewable Energy (Presentation)

Tailored to Illinois, but explaining the universal benefits of local renewable energy, this presentation was delivered by Director of Democratic Energy John Farrell at the Illinois Renewable Energy Fair on August 24, 2014.

Shepherdstown Home to WV’s Largest Community Supported PV System

Here’s the press release from Solar Holler.  Congratulations Shepherdstown.  Congratulations Solar Holler.  If you want one in your community, contact Solar Holler.  Let’s do this all across WV!

Energy Literacy - in Plano and North Texas

As students in Plano and many districts across North Texas head back to school today, let's take some time for all of us to increase our literacy about our energy consumption and its impacts.