Charleston’s Yeager Airport Looking at Going Solar

Here’s the story.

Yeager Airport officials will explore a solar panel project that could make the airport the first in the nation to run entirely on electricity it generates from solar panels.

The project stems from Yeager’s sustainability efforts trying to lower the airport’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

“It’s an exciting project,” airport director Rick Atkinson said.

The Power of Local Renewable Energy (Presentation)

Tailored to Illinois, but explaining the universal benefits of local renewable energy, this presentation was delivered by Director of Democratic Energy John Farrell at the Illinois Renewable Energy Fair on August 24, 2014.

Shepherdstown Home to WV’s Largest Community Supported PV System

Here’s the press release from Solar Holler.  Congratulations Shepherdstown.  Congratulations Solar Holler.  If you want one in your community, contact Solar Holler.  Let’s do this all across WV!

Energy Literacy - in Plano and North Texas

As students in Plano and many districts across North Texas head back to school today, let's take some time for all of us to increase our literacy about our energy consumption and its impacts.

July 19 Interview, 7 Generations on WSCH

Joe Gray interviewed me on his 7 Generations radio show on July 19.  Joe has posted audio of the interview at this link.

In the interview, I refer to a number of trends and posts I have done about them on The Power Line.  Here are some links below that can serve as footnotes to the interview.

Texas HOAs generally CANNOT block south street facing solar installations

Texas HB-362 passed in the 82nd Legislative session (2011), limits HOAs and POAs from restricting solar devices outright.  While working with a few Solarize Plano participants and other residents in Plano, we have encounter a few instances were HOAs have initially denied placement of street facing southern exposure solar panels. 

Good Summary of the MD Offshore Wind Blocks Auction

Here is a much better description of the just completed auction of offshore wind blocks off the MD coast than the description in my earlier post.  It’s not surprising that the winning bid went to a European-based company.

UWUA Local 304 Wins Contract at Harrison Power Station

This story got by me while I was away on vacation.  Congratulations to Local 304 of the Utility Workers Union of America.  They now have their first contract at the Harrison Power Station, after a hard fight against union-busting FirstEnergy.

US Wind Wins Federal Lease Auction for Both MD Offshore Wind Blocks

Bidding on the two big ocean blocks for offshore wind development off the Maryland coast happened today. US Wind was high bidder on both blocks. Here is the Department of the Interior’s announcement.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…

PJM Unveils New Transmission Projects Under Order 1000

In 2013, PJM Interconnection replaced its goofy transmission “planning” process with a new process that conforms to FERC requirements spelled out in the Commission’s Order 1000.  Under its new process, instead of just picking transmission developers with very little transparency (as with TrAIL and PATH), PJM identifies reliability problems and then sets an annual deadline for project developers to propose solutions.