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placeholderWhere are communities taking charge of their energy future? Which states give communities the most power?

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of August 22, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

A study released last week rules that it is cheaper to retrain coal workers to install solar arrays, Arizona adopts a new method for crediting rooftop solar, and Xcel Energy in Colorado (due to a settlement with solar advocates) is eschewing solar grid-use fees.

Changing the Language of Renewable Energy, the Electric Monopoly’s Newest Ploy

What happens when utility companies lose ground as their customers cut consumption and seek innovative technologies like rooftop solar? New business ventures to capture customer interest? Other new technologies?

Should Energy Storage Share the Tax Credits for Renewable Energy?

In May of 2016, the U.S. Representative from Silicon Valley, Mike Honda (D), introduced the Energy Storage for Grid Resilience and Modernization Act (H.R. 5350). In short, this bill extends the current 30% Renewable Energy Tax Credit (which was just extended last year) to energy storage technologies, not just the wind, solar, and geothermal power plants that feed electricity into the grid.

Saluting ILSR’s 2016 Interns

Each Summer, we invite interns to work with our team to help write articles, research projects, and produce multimedia content for our audiences. Here’s a look at the excellent work they’ve accomplished here and where their education and careers will take them next!


Is New York’s “Compromise” the Future for Net Metering?

Across the country, utilities are battling their customers over solar, and typically trying to undermine customers that want to cut their energy bills by installing solar arrays.

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of August 8, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

The unstoppable march towards rooftop solar, the difference between our political parties’ views on renewable energy, and a plan to help Connecticut farmers to earn income from solar.

Featured Stories

City Power Play Report: Part 1 – Municipal Utilities by John Farrell, CleanTechnica

Picking Up PACE After New Federal Guidance

A promising energy efficiency program could get closer to reaching its massive potential after a federal policy tweak that tempers lenders’ concerns to allow more homeowners to cash in.

Video: The Coming of Energy Democracy – Midwest Renewable Energy Fair

placeholderOn June 17, John Farrell delivered a keynote address to the annual Midwest Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin. In this presentation, John detailed the growth of renewable energy and how new technologies and smart policies can lead to the downfall of the monopoly electric utility.

Video: The Shocking Impact of Boring Energy Policy – CommonBound 2016 Conference

placeholderOn July 9, John Farrell spoke to a group at the CommonBound 2016 Conference. The conference brought hundreds of leaders together to share “visionary strategies for achieving deep systemic change” in areas such as energy policy and economic justice.