Why Minnesota’s Community Solar Program is the Best

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about Minnesota’s community solar program over the past couple years and it’s time to make one thing clear: Minnesota’s program is the best in the country.

Why? Because there 10 times more community solar projects in the queue—400 megawatts—in Minnesota than have been built in the history of community solar in the United States (40 megawatts).

AEP Shows Its Hand on HB2201

The Charleston Daily Mail ran an op ed by AEP’s Jim Fawcett today that revealed for the first time AEP’s interpretation of the just passed HB2201:

The bill defines cross- subsidization as “the practice of charging costs directly incurred by the electric utility in accommodating a net metering system to electric retail customers who are not customer generators.”

Charleston Engineer Alan Tweddle Explains Why WV Needs Solar Energy Renewal

Alan Tweddle is an engineer and entrepreneur based in Charleston.  In a recent op ed in the Charleston Daily Mail, he made the case for rebuilding WV’s economy using renewable energy, particularly solar power.

Mr. Tweddle provides clear and specific examples of why we need to shift our economy to solar power:

Can an Old Utility (dog) Learn New Tricks?

Arnie Arnesen interviewed ILSR’s Director of Democratic Energy John Farrell on WNHN’s The Attitude last week, seeking an answer to this question: can we expect electric utilities to embrace the energy sources of the future, like solar?

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – March 11, 2015

Can one state lead the way for others in sound, smart energy policy? New York is setting the stage. This week, Mother Jones, and others talked to John about getting what we want from the utility of the future. (Hint: utilities may soon be waiting-in-the-wings!) Read more stories from this week, below.

New York Just Showed Every Other State How to Do Solar Right: “This is as exciting as the Public Service Commission gets.” by Tim McDonnell, Mother Jones

HB2201 Now on Gov. Tomblin’s Desk: Veto Needed

HB2201 is back on Gov. Tomblin’s desk.  He has until Saturday to veto it.  He needs to veto HB2201 a second time.  HB2201 is completely unnecessary, because net metering was protected in HB2001, and all of the contents of HB2201 are already covered in the WV PSC’s net metering rules.

NY Moving Ahead to Stop Wasteful Infrastructure Spending

NY is now leading the nation in promoting the development of microgrid technology.  The result has been a lot of new projects, including ConEd’s demand management project in Brooklyn and Queens that will eliminate the need for a new $1 billion (yup, that’s a “b”) substation.  Here’s what a recent story on Bloomberg said about the project:

Small-Scale Solar Contributes 13% of New Power Plant Capacity in 2014

placeholderThe growth of solar has continued at a furious pace, with a new record of 6.2 gigawatts installed in the United States in 2014.

Wellinghoff Nails Net Metering Cross-Subsidization Fallacy

When Jon Wellinghoff was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, he advocated simply horrible policies concerning electric transmission.  Here is just one example.  Since he resigned from FERC, however, Mr. Wellinghoff has become an outspoken champion of sensible electrical policy in the area of new decentralized power.