APCo’s Charles Patton Frames Legislative Session with Fearmongering

Don’t you wish you had a few thousand dollars to spend on a special luncheon to tell WV legislators about the problems your family faces, from your point of view?  Well, that’s what Appalachian Power Company did on Wednesday.

Distributed Solar a Substantial Portion of 2014 Power Plant Capacity

placeholderRenewable energy continues to grow substantially in the U.S. and in 2014 it remains a large portion of new power plant capacity – 30% or more through the first three quarters.

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – December 15, 2014

This week in democratic energy, media reports covered South Carolina’s net metering deal, Minnesota’s Solar Rewards Community program, and more.

From Switchboard, the Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog, Pierre Bull discussed a recent report that highlights which states excel and which states lag in promoting solar. Bull writes:

“Knowledge is power, or at least the first step toward it…”

A $48 Billion Opportunity for U.S. Electric Customers

Electricity customers in the U.S. got good news last week.

“$364 billion up for grabs” – A Video preview of Energy Democracy

placeholder2014 marked the year that solar energy, energy storage and electric vehicles – hallmarks of a decentralized

NY State Making Good Investments

New York is investing tax dollars in the future.  Here is a story about a $1.8 million grant awarded by the state to fund solar purchasing co-ops, energy efficiency projects and job training in the southern part of the state.

Yeager Airport Moving Forward on Big PV Project

Charleston Gazette reporter Caitlin Cook has a story this morning on Yeager Airport’s steady progress in creating real reliable power for itself.

Yeager Airport officials are moving forward with a project they said could make the airport the first in the nation to run entirely on electricity it generates from solar panels.

Solar Ready Homes in Texas - Getting on the Radar!

Small steps can begin to make a BIG difference!

PJM Cartel Getting Cartelier

Remember this post, What Is PJM, back in 2009?  Here is the dictionary definition of a cartel that I provided in that post:

cartel -2 : a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices

New Report: Beyond Utility 2.0 to Energy Democracy

placeholderExciting changes are on the horizon for our century-old utility structure as solar power, energy storage, and electric vehicles open ne