More on WV’s Unnecessarily High Electric Bills

Last week, I posted a link to this Washington Post article on the relationship between electricity use and electric bills.  That story also included this scatter plot diagram -

Germany’s Success, Japan’s Failure

Here is an interesting blog post from the Rocky Mountain Institute which contrasts the German phase out of nuclear power with the Japanese failure to get control of its electrical system following the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster.  (I say “beginning” of the disaster, because this disaster will last for hundreds of years.)

Here is the gist of the post:

A $6 Billion Opportunity for the Rural Energy Economy

One of the biggest barriers to making investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy is the upfront cost. So what if members of rural electric cooperative and rural municipal electric utilities could borrow money for small-scale improvements on the same terms as the utilities for their large-scale power plants?

Starting in 2014, they can.

WV Does Not Have Lowest Electric Bills in US

The Washington Post has a neat little map comparing electric rates, electric bills and electric use across all the states in the US.  It perfectly illustrates the point I have made many times on The Power Line – having low rates doesn’t matter, if your electric bills are high because people are using much more electricity than they need.

More Power Company Whining About Solar Generation

Power companies whine a lot about the “problems” that solar power causes for grid management.  That is one of the reasons power companies want to impose penalties on solar generators.

Power Companies Getting Sneaky, Jacking Up Customer Service Fees

Most people in the US pay a relatively small flat fee as part of their electric bills.  In WV it’s called a “customer service fee.”  No one can really explain what this fee pays for, and why it couldn’t be included as part of the company’s base rate, which in WV covers normal overhead plus capital investment costs.  I demonstrated here how this flat fee raises your effective electric rate as you purchase less and less electricity from your power company.  If you improve the efficiency o

What Would US Natural Gas Exports Mean for Gas and Electric Rates? Increases All Around

I came across this interesting piece on RTO Insider today about the pending FERC decision about whether to allow Dominion Energy to reconstruct its Cove Point, MD natural gas import facility to convert it into an export platform.  The situation with natural gas exports is exactly the same as the “export” of “surplus” electricity from WV’s monster coal plants through the failed PATH power line.

Myths About Renewable Power Abound in WV

The WV coal industry continues to churn out mythology about renewable power.  I was recently at an event where WV Coal Association president Bill Raney claimed that “Germany was turning back to coal for its electricity.”  WV Division of Energy director Jeff Herholdt and Appalachian Power’s CEO Charles Patton were quoted in this State Journal article claiming that renewable power is just too expensive for WV.  The State Journal’s reporter, although she interviewed both Mr.

Build Solar Ready Homes in Solar Rich Texas

Pursuant to 34 TAC §19.52, the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) is accepting written comments through August 4, 2014 on the energy efficiency provisions of the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) for single-family residential construction and the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for all commercial, multi-family and