What is “roofless” solar?

Our volunteer group advocates for clean local solar energy.  Being able to generate energy from rooftop solar, in the location where you consume the energy, is an ideal solution.  However, it might not always be possible. The concept of “community solar” or “roofless” solar is proving to be the next best thing. While the availability of community solar options has been expanding across many states, it is only now becoming available in Texas.  Below is the recent story from one of our volunteers in Plano.

What if…Your Electric Utility Was a Benefit Corporation?

The misunderstandings that from time to time occur between communities and the managers of electric-lighting companies will, to my mind, disappear entirely if the relations between the two are correctly founded on the basis of public control, with corresponding protection to the corporations operating this industry.

California Weighs Fair Pricing for Distributed, Centralized Energy

This article published with the substantial assistance of ILSR intern, McKenna Eckerline.

Everyone hates paying for something that they don’t use (how many cable channels do you have?). In California, local electricity customers may finally get satisfaction about paying for the transmission grid capacity that they don’t use.

Distributed Generation Under Fire (Q1 2016)

placeholderIt all comes down to the money.

Discord over compensation for solar customers and utilities alike bled into the first part of the year, extending a long-running debate over the best ways to integrate solar power and — thanks to a few hard-line policy moves — threatening to hold back growth in the solar marketplace.

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of July 11, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy:

Updates on Hawaii and Colorado’s renewable energy journey, a new FERC decision that could open up greater renewable energy for municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives, and a new Illinois poll on demand charges.

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Are Rural Electric Cooperatives driving or just dabbling in community solar? by John Farrell, CleanTechnica

Competition and Freedom at Stake – Episode 37 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Incentives designed to make rooftop solar feasible for a wider range of consumers are under attack nationwide, threatening new solar development as well as the consumers that already have rooftop panels. The staunchest opponents? Utilities who say, despite a growing body of research to the contrary, that rooftop solar hurts other ratepayers and their bottom lines.

Utilities Strip Consumers’ Control Over Energy Bills – Episode 36 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

A surge of interest in residential solar arrays threatens traditional utilities’ outdated business model of selling more and more electricity, prompting them to adopt a controversial fee that hurts efficiency and diminishes long-range cost savings — even for themselves.

Energy Democracy Media Roundup – week of June 27, 2016

This week in Energy Democracy news:

Regulators in Minnesota say that a nearly 10% rate hike is unjustifiable, a new Vermont energy-siting bill has been signed into law, and advocates at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair say that utility monopoly future could be dimmed.

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Energy-siting bill signed into law by Times-Argus

Local Utilities Have Lost Local Control

This post made possible by the tireless efforts of ILSR intern Abbigail Feola. She dug up the data, identified the story worth sharing, and wrote the following piece below.