A 2-Year City Workplan for Energy Democracy

The first-in-the-nation city-utility partnership has been framed in Minneapolis, but can the city and its utilities really deliver substantive movement toward an equitable energy economy in the next two years?

It all depends on the workplan, and the grassroots team at Minneapolis Energy Options has delivered. (Disclosure: I serve on the board of Community Power / Minneapolis Energy Options).

WI PSC Sides with Power Company Against Innovation While a German Town Takes Matters into Its Own Hands

The contrast between this week’s decision by the Wisconsin PSC to support Wisconsin Energy’s assault on its solar generating customers and the remarkable progress being made in Wildpoldsried, Bavaria couldn’t be clearer.

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – November 17, 2014

Various Sources, November 17, 2014

This week in democratic energy, media reports discussed the state of solar across the country, a new battery prototype for wind and solar power, and more.

John Farrell, Director of ILSR’s Democratic Energy initiative, was quoted in the Midwest Energy News article, “In Minnesota, community solar market starting to take off.” Frank Jossi reports:

Good Overview of Denmark’s Renewable Energy Situation, and Comparison with Germany

Here is a link to an interesting overview of Denmark’s renewable energy plans.  The comparison with Germany is somewhat unfair, because Denmark also has coal-fired electrical generation, and the Germans have a definite plan to phase our their coal plants.  I also find the title of the story, “Brave little Denmark leads war against coal” to be condescending and, well, belittling.

Anya Schoolman on Decentralized Power

Anya Schoolman is the genius behind the Community Power Network which has built solar generation in communities in the District of Columbia and three states, including two community solar co-ops (so far) in WV.  Anya is also one of the leading experts in the world on building community-based solar power generation.

The History and Hope for a First-in-the-Nation City-Utility Clean Energy Partnership

In the past month, the city of Minneapolis and its two investor-owned utilities adopted the nation’s first clean energy partnership, with a wide range of goals including meeting the city’s ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. How did it happen and what can it accomplish?

DoE Loan Program Turning Profit

Remember all the Republican propaganda about the collapse of Solyndra?  Remember all the blame that was heaped on the Obama Administration by Fox News for the Department of Energy renewable power loan program that was created by a Republican majority Congress and the Cheney administration?

Well, guess what?  The program is a big success.  Here’s how a new NPR report describes the program now:

More Coal Subsidies

Do you think that solar and wind generation are only competitive because they are heavily subsidized?  Don’t think the US coal industry is heavily subsidized?

Take a look at this investigative report from Howard Berkes and Ellen Smith.  Here is the heart of their story: