UMD Solar Co-op

Thank you for your interest in the solar group purchase! Registration is now closed (as of 6/30/14). 145 people "raised their hands" for solar! More updates to come as the group progresses!

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Members of the UMD and College Park community are organizing a neighborhood solar co-op!

What is a neighborhood solar co-op?

neighborhood solar co-op is when community members form a group and use their collective buying power to save on the total cost of going solar. The group uses a competitive bidding process to select a single company that will install systems on all of the participating homes. Each participant signs his or her own contract with the installer, but everyone gets the bulk discount.

By going solar as a group we can save 30% off the cost of a solar system. You'll also have the support of the group instead of navigating an often-complicated process alone. Homeowners in College Park and the DC metro area are encouraged to join the group!

How much does it cost?

The cost of going solar has come down significantly in the last few years. This table gives an estimated cost for a 5 kW system. Keep in mind your system may be larger or smaller than 5 kW, depending on the size of your roof, resulting in differing total costs. 


I have more questions

Check out the following resources to learn more about the solar co-op:

Share this opportunity with friends, family, and neighbors!